Friday, June 29, 2012

Artistic Alchemy DFX...What are we?

Alchemy was the proto-science that attempted to transmute base elements into what the ancients referred to as "noble" elements. And while, to this day, no one has been successful at it, the notion of turning lead into gold came from this ancient practice.
Artistic Alchemy is committed to the artistic expression of this notion. With experience in creative design for tv, motion pictures, video games and live entertainment, Artistic Alchemy can successfully take the smallest idea and turn it into artistic gold. We understand that great visuals start with the smallest spark of creative inspiration. By combining that inspiration with technical expertise, we can fashion an idea into something more than the sum of it's parts... into something extraordinary.
At Artistic Alchemy we offer a full range of art & design services.
• Concept Art & Illustration• 2D & 3D Animation• Props & Costuming
• Storyboards & Animatics• Visual FX• Sets & Scenic Design
• Promotional Art & Design• Titles & Motion Graphics• Production Design & Art Direction
We at Artistic Alchemy are committed to the idea that the common can be turned into the uncommon... that the ordinary can become extraordinary, and in doing so, we empower you to tell your story.
Artistic Alchemy... turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.